Koh Kong could have a new $ 600 billion modern city and create more than 700,000 jobs

At the beginning of the new year 2022, Cambodia received a large number of small and large investment projects from many companies, both domestic and foreign. In that, we see that Koh Kong is an important target for investment from those companies.

In fact, on January 17, 2022, the Cambodian Investment Committee of the Council for the Development of Cambodia decided to officially issue the investment project registration certificate to CAMBODIAN UPPER TATAY HYDROPOWER CO., LTD to invest in the 150 MW Stung Tatai hydropower development project. The investment location is in Thmar Bang and Koh Kong districts, Koh Kong province. The project has an investment capital of 389 million US dollars and can create 1,580 jobs.

However, in addition to the above project, a European company recently named BilderBerg Investment Group announced that it plans to invest in the creation of a smart city (Smart City) called "Future" in the province. Another Koh Kong too.

According to the company on its website, the project will cost about $ 600 billion in collaboration with 140 major investors and 300 other small investors. It will take about six to seven years to build and is scheduled for completion in 2029.

The project is expected to provide more than 700,000 jobs, which will contribute to a GDP growth of 95 billion US dollars by 2029. 

By: Dony


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