Buy land in metaverse and Adidas now earns $ 23.5 million

A month ago, Adidas's footwear and clothing company entered the Metaverse world by acquiring a large amount of land in partnership with SandBox, after acquiring the land. The first NFTs to reach $ 23.5 million.

According to TheVerge, about 30,000 Adidas NFTs sold in the Metaverse were already owned within a few hours on Friday.

At the same time, Adidas earned up to 5,924ETH in cryptocurrency sales, equivalent to $ 23.5 million as mentioned above. In addition, each Adidas NFTs is worth 0.2ETH. Which is currently equal to $ 765.

For the creation of these NFTs, Adidas has some well-known partners such as Bore Ape Yatch Club, Punks Comic, GMoney, etc. Not only for those who have purchased or become the owners of these NFTs, they will be able to use special products. More Adidas like Hoodie, suit on Bored Ape.

He also pointed out that despite the overwhelming orders from Adidas, they have not yet been able to officially use it for other NFTs, just pre-orders. . However, Adidas made millions of dollars in just a few hours. 

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