28-year-old woman teaches Excel lessons, earns $100,000 a day

Kat Norton, 28, nicknamed "Miss Excel", discovered her dream and a special talent for teaching Excel on a computer as she dared to quit her job and take up the profession. That you love by making tens of thousands of dollars a day. According to a CNBB report.

According to the report, Kat Norton was just a regular worker, but during Kovid 19, she decided to take a break from work at home for a while. Instagram with tutorials and short tips in Excel embedded in humor.

From video to video, this woman has become more and more popular, with more than 300,000 followers on the TikTok social network, the more followers she has become the most influential Content Creator, including the owner. Large companies approached him to create training courses for employees.

He earns most of his training (Training) at large companies, especially he sells online course courses. Since 2021, he has earned a total of more than 1 million dollars from teaching Excel lessons, he Used to earn $ 100,000 from teaching and selling lessons in just one day.

The story in this article wants to show you that if you all have a skill, do not try to leave it at that, but try to polish it to learn to follow your own dreams, people who follow their own dreams When working tirelessly, work with energy, purpose and hope. 


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