Experts say Bitcoin could jump to $ 100,000 a coin early next year

Digital money started to rise after a long period of decline. As of today, Bitcoin is worth more than 58 , 000 dollars a coin and if your assets, the value of Bitcoin could jump to 10 thousand dollars in early 2022.

Graham Jenkin , CEO of the company CoinList , service providers sell digital assets, the bitcoin highest to 66 , $ 000 during October 2021, and early next year, its price will jump to 10 thousand dollars There.

He said he is optimistic that its value would be higher, and why Bitcoin jumped higher by rising inflation ( inflation) very high, up to 5.4% and the increase has proved to Many investors are starting to invest money in high-value assets to fight inflation.

Meanwhile, Paul Tudor Jones,  fund managers (  hedge fund manager)  told the  CNBC  recently that rising inflation is a big thing that is a threat to the financial markets, particularly the stock market As well as society as a whole.

Paul Tudor Jones  advises three types of assets you should invest in to fight rising inflation: real estate and Bitcoin .  Paul Tudor Jones that many investors hold up well against you began investing in digital money. He also revealed that the world's developing towards a digital society, and so there should be plenty of space for digital money. He also revealed that digital money compared to gold is better used to keep pace with rising inflation.

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