Two big Chinese companies announce joint venture to invest in modern villa project in Cambodia

Chinese investment companies jointly set up a villa development project in Cambodia to supply the Cambodian market while Experts say the supply of housing in Cambodia has not yet met the demand.

Two big Chinese companies announce joint venture to invest in modern villa project in Cambodia

According to a press release from the two real estate developers, the joint venture between Morgan Group and Javan Group and This project was created during the Chinese New Year to fulfill the aspirations of everyone, both Cambodians and foreigners living in Cambodia as well.

Morgan Park Villa is located in the eastern part of Phnom Penh and is located in Phnom Penh. On the waterfront of the Mekong River, a popular area for modern housing development.


Ding JoungJun, CEO of Morgan Group, said that despite the crisis of the Covid-19 crisis and the economic downturn, real estate developers This one continues to develop the remaining projects and create a series of new projects to provide clients, Cambodians and other nationals who enter Come to live and invest in Cambodia.

He said that in fact, a Morgan project in the satellite city of Koh Pich has completed the construction and continue to develop the Morgan project in the Chroy Changvar area to complete. Follow the plan promised with the customer in the beginning.

He remains optimistic about investing in Cambodia as the government has managed to control the Covid-19 epidemic that has left investors Others continue to invest and are ready to invest in 2021.


He added that MORGAN Group is an international company with thirteen years of experience in this field, adhering to the concept of innovation for living. Unlimited has been developing the real estate sector in Cambodia for a long time and has participated in the development of several model location projects named The most influential and influential voices in Cambodia are the MORGAN Tower, MORGAN EnMaison, MORGAN New City Walk and other fully supported model venue constructions in the capital Anger in the world.

Chrek Soknim, president of the Cambodian Association of Appraisers and Realtors, said the eastern part of Phnom Penh was seen as interesting. Strong from local and foreign investors, especially on the development of modern housing such as condominiums and housing estates, such as villas and apartments.

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