Real estate experts show 5 points to buy the best condo

Nowadays, so-called condominiums are expanding and have a strong vision because now Cambodians and people around the world are starting to change their mindsets and understand the advantages of condominiums to push condominiums into a home.

Most of them are located in the center of the city or in a potentially convenient location, and the price is acceptable compared to the average house price.


Therefore, if you want to buy a good condo, an expert in this field, Mr. Ear Chakrya, CEO of AP RealEstate, showed some ways to buy your condo to get good results, including:

  1. . Choose a community condominium
  2. . Choose a condo with two porches
  3. . Choose areas where prices can still go up
  4. . Check the history of the project builder
  5. . Buy from sellers who can offer special prices and lots of support


In addition, condo buyers need to be clear about their purpose, whether to buy to live or to invest. In the case of buying for living, buyers can choose according to their preferences and modern lifestyle that can provide harmony for the family.

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