Lexus Gamers' IS prototype car made especially for gamers.

 Indeed, Lexus has redesigned its 2021 IS 350 F Sport into a gaming car and named it Gamers' IS. What sets this car apart from conventional cars is that it is equipped with a monitor with a high-end computer running MSI graphics card and AMD CPU.

Lexus claims to be the first car to be voted on by Twitch users, a popular live streaming site in the United States and Europe. As shown in these pictures, in the car we found a monitor near the steering wheel, including a Gaming keyboard and game controller.

They only said that the computer in the car used MSI Gaming GeForce graphics card and AMD CPU, but did not specify the full power of the engine. To make the atmosphere even more special, Lexus also has a set of RGB headlights and in-car fog lamps.

At the moment, Lexus has only revealed the exterior and interior of its Gamers' IS car, while the display of its gaming controls is yet to be seen. Our team hopes that Lexus will be able to share more details about this gaming car so that it can be published to all of you immediately.

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