What should condo buyers look for to make life easier and more comfortable?

decision to choose a condominium project is a matter of caution so as not to regret later, so buying a condo for investment or living should study many important points.

  • Community Studies

The surrounding community is very important whether living in a condominium or a Borey, but it provides a comfortable, civilized life, some of which provide ease of travel and leisure, especially travel to major destinations such as to The new Phnom Penh International Airport will be connected to other major national roads such as National Road 2, National Road 1, National Road 3 and National Road 4.

Having a shopping mall, a project, a business center, a variety of entertainment services that make the residents in this project easy to find a civilized living service.

  • Learn about building management services

        Because condominiums are condominiums, each project is often mixed or multi-family, so condominium projects with standard management services will facilitate daily living and building services as well.

The fact that the project does not have a standard manager or management company will make life difficult in terms of management services, building maintenance and so on.

  • Parking

        The European Chamber of Commerce has also recommended that the government amend some articles related to the "co-ownership law" as it does not clearly state the parking lots that each project must have and satisfy customers.

For example, some projects have 1,000 houses but only 500 or less parking spaces, which may cause residents to face challenges or disputes over parking spaces in the future, but some project owners are now selling parking spaces to Let the condo buyers on their project do not risk the parking lot in the future.

  • Elevators and escalators

       Elevators and escalators also require buyers or investors to consider condominiums, as condominiums are a relatively new part of Cambodia, so some developers do not think of standards yet, they only consider profits. Therefore, the elevator must make sure that there is enough for the number of condominium units available.

  • Laws and regulations

        It is even more important that the condo buyer makes sure that the project they have purchased has a building permit, a permit to sell, and an insurance policy, as these rules are very important to make their living or home legal, especially That the project you bought is not stuck in the middle when the company does not have enough capital to build.


Therefore, the study of the history of construction companies, investment companies is a point that should not be overlooked.

In addition, the purchase of insurance for the owner of the condominium building is even more important because in the event of an accident or fire, in the event of an earthquake or any power outage occurs, the house they bought has a refund or has proper insurance if the building collapses. Who needs to rebuild, the insurance company or the owner of the building or the owner of each unit.

Article: Cnews


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