Good, 5 countries announce purchase of free Covid-19 vaccines for their people

Many people in many countries around the world, including Cambodians, are facing the spread of Covid-19 virus, which has killed many people and led to an increase in the number of people. More and more contagion and worsening economic deficit, as well as many other emerging issues, especially negatively affect public health and safety.

At the same time, five countries have announced the purchase of the free Covid-19 vaccine for their people, including the United States, India, France, Thailand and Cambodia.


The United States and India, the countries with the highest rates of infection, have announced that they will vaccinate their citizens against Covid-19 for free. By December, the United States will vaccinate some 20 million people most affected. But up to 40 percent of Americans say they will not be vaccinated against Covid-19. 

India has also announced free vaccinations. Prime Minister Modi has announced that all citizens will receive free vaccinations. According to the report, a single dose of vaccine in India costs $ 7. 

In France, meanwhile, the Covid vaccination is free. The French government has ordered about 200 million doses of the vaccine, enough to inject 100 million people, according to a statement from French Prime Minister Jean-Castro on Friday. While the population of France is about 67 million.


However, looking at Asian countries, we have not ignored this, with the Thai Ministry of Health estimating that 13 million Thais will be vaccinated against Covid-19 free of charge. Price in the middle of 2021. According to the Bangkok Post on December 4, 2020, Permanent Secretary of the Thai Ministry of Public Health Kiattiphum Wongrajit told the media that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha had pre-ordered the Kovid vaccine. 19 26 million doses from AstraZeneca to provide 13 million Thais or half of all Thais for the second half of next year.

As for Cambodia, we have not overlooked this issue either, as the government, the armed forces, the relevant ministries and departments at all levels have worked hard to prevent the Covid-19 virus. The Prime Minister, Samdech Techo Hun Sen, instructed the Minister of Economy and Finance to prepare a budget for the purchase of 1 million dollars (one million dollars) in the first phase to be given to those working in high-risk and high-risk areas.


According to the official page of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia issued a letter on December 7, 2020, which reads in full: "In the past, with the monitoring of the production of vaccines against the country 19 I have advised the Minister of Health and the Minister of Economy and Finance to prepare a budget for the purchase of this vaccine to give to our people for free as a first step.


"We hope that our development partners will help our people or at least sell us at a reasonable price," he added. I also advised the Minister of Economy and Finance to prepare a budget for the purchase of 2 to 3 million dollars for the next phase.

Source: Business Cambodia 

Article: Cnews

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