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5G Technology Competition Chinese giant continues to lead world with 5G development

Official data show that China has built stations 5G nearly 700,000, more than double the total installations in the world.

Liu Liehong, China's deputy minister of industry and information technology, said the number of terminal equipment connected to the network exceeded 180 million units. Good development facilitates further use of 5G applications. In the next three years, the country is expected to be in the early stages of 5G development, so it needs to change drastically. Active in the construction sector.

5G networks are playing an important role, especially in stabilizing investment, promoting consumption and promoting economic development. In the first 10 months, 5G mobile shipments reached 124 million units, with a total of 183 new models on sale.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in China land rose 18.3 percent year on year, according to the Ministry of Commerce. 81.87 billion yuan (about $ 12.4 billion) in October.

Foreign investment in the service industry reached 625.8 billion yuan in the January-October period, up 16.2 percent year on year. One year, while in the high-tech services sector, growth was 27.8 percent.

Trade volume under China's network in October reached 273.7 billion yuan ($ 41.29 billion). According to a monthly report released by Bond Connect Co Ltd

By: Cnews

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